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Gazelle Finance as a knowledge partner of CASEKEY Business case competition

November 30, 2021

Gazelle Finance UCO LLC, represented by Executive Director Dr. Tigran Hovhannisyan, was proud to be a part of CaseKey Business Case competition 2021 in Armenia. The gala event was held at the Training and Research Centre of the Central Bank of Armenia in Dilijan in the framework of the “Future Today. Empowering women, youth, and children for deepening democracy in Armenia” UNDP Kolba Lab project funded by the European Union. At the start of project, the teams were given a real strategy case by SEF International. The teams had to analyze the business environment for finding optimal solution to the case. Throughout the project the teams were coached by leading business professionals. 8 teams of young finance professionals presented their solutions in very dynamic environment, which was privileged by the presence of CBA Governor, and many other high-profile finance and business leaders.

Special thanks to Dr.  Garegin Gevorgyan, the SEF International CEO, for providing materials for the strategy case, and to Mr. Arshak Karapetyan, founder of Nation in Action, for making this event to happen. As Dr. Gevorgyan said “We hope that these competitions will help us to discover the diamonds among young professionals”

Gazelle Finance hopes that this successful pioneer case competition will lead to a series of such events and would motivate the young professionals to stand up and be chosen by the growing Armenian businesses, which are in strong need for young talents.

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