Customer Rights

Dear Customers,

You can send all your suggestions and concerns related to “Gazelle Finance” UCO to our email address or call us at +374-12-883880.

We let you know that your rights can be protected both in the court and with the help of a financial system mediator.

According to the 3rd part of the 14.1st reports of the RA rule about “Credit Institutions”, the 3rd part of the 20th and the 2nd part of the 43rd reports of the RA rule about “Banks and Banking Activity” each person can apply to the head office of “Gazelle Finance” UCO to get:

  1. Copies of at least the recent annual financial reports and all the related copies
  2. Copies of the state registration certificate and the regulation

To get the information you may submit your application in three ways:

  • On hand – to the main office of the organization
  • Via Email address:
  • Via mail: “Gazelle Finance” UCO, (Yerevan, Teryan st., 105/1 building, 5th floor, 505 office (in the building of business center “Citadel”)

This information is provided within 3 business days after receiving the customer’s written application.